Terms and Conditions

"Nominator” means the person nominating an individual for a Giving Extra Award.

Nominee” means the person being nominated.

  1. The Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards recognise extraordinary individuals who have made innovative personal financial contributions to social development and who have demonstrated initiative and leadership in building philanthropy in South Africa. Please note that the contribution of personal funds is an essential criteria for this award.
  2. “Individual philanthropy” is understood to mean “strategic personal financial giving for sustainable social development”. This means that they would have benefited an institution or organisation in recognisable, identifiable, quantifiable and sustainable ways.
  3. Individuals (and couples or families) are eligible for nomination. Please note that organisations and institutions are not eligible for these awards, but they can nominate an individual from the organisation or institution for an award.
  4. All submissions are reviewed according to set criteria by an Awards Review Panel, whose task it is to select from the submissions those nominees who best exemplify leadership and excellence in individual philanthropy in South Africa.
  5. Nomination for an award does not automatically mean that the nominee will receive an award.
  6. Individuals must be South African or resident in South Africa. The exception is for individuals who could be considered for the Inyathelo Award for International Philanthropy to South Africa.
  7. Under no circumstances can Inyathelo consider nominations related to donations that may have been compromised by any kind of criminal activity.
  8. All nominations will be reviewed to ensure that they do not contain any offensive, inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable material before being published on our website.
  9. Submitted materials cannot be returned. Therefore please do not submit any original materials that are of value to you or your organisation. Any materials submitted in support of your nomination will become the property of Inyathelo and may be used in publicity materials.
  10. Information relating to both the Nominator and Nominee which has been provided as part of the nomination process, photographs or videos may be published on our website, in our social media channels, and used for any other purposes we consider appropriate to publicise the Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards.
  11. To be considered for an Award, the nominee must be willing to participate in media coverage related to the Awards programme and should be available on the night of the ceremony to participate in the Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards event in Cape Town.
  12. Where a Nominee has been nominated more than once by the same nominator, only the first nomination received by us will be considered.
  13. Nominees may reject a nomination by contacting us if they do not wish to take part in the nomination process.
  14. All Nominators will be notified by email as to whether or not their nomination has been shortlisted. Where no email address and contact number is provided for the nominator, we will be unable to notify them.
  15. We reserve the right to reject nominations which are incomplete, illegible, false or fraudulent.
  16. By accepting a nomination the Nominee is deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  17. Only nomination forms that have been correctly and fully completed and submitted by the deadline will be considered.
  18. Finalist travel and accommodation expenses associated with attendance will be arranged and paid for by Inyathelo.