Awards Criteria

What are the criteria for the Awards?

We are looking for philanthropy heroes from all sectors of our society – be it cancer research, sport, gender equity, early childhood development, opera, hospital improvement, or human rights (to name just a few).

The Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards Review Panel are looking for nominees engaged in individual philanthropy that is:

  • financial
  • visionary and innovative
  • strategic
  • investment-driven, and which
  • demonstrates leadership.

In addition to the above key features or characteristics, the Awards Review Panel will be looking for the kind of personal giving that demonstrates:

  • an exceptional commitment to the growth of philanthropy in South Africa
  • longterm commitment to strategic social giving
  • creativity in social investment
  • encouraging others to give.

How important is money and to what extent is it measured?

The actual amount of money will not be measured, but rather the way in which funding is given and the impact it has had in terms of long-term sustainable social development.  Key is the leadership and innovation in the giving.  Therefore these Awards are not about how much someone has given, but is rather about what has been achieved with their giving.