Items tagged with STRATEGIC PLANNING

Organisation Structures and Processes

Swales, Christine
  • 1995

Organisational Behaviour: A Contemporary South African Perspective

Schultz, Helen; Bagraim, Jeffrey; Potgieter, Tracy; Viedge, Conrad; Werner, Amanda
  • 2003

Viable Business Strategies: A Systemic, People-Centric Approach

Ungerer, Marius; Pretorius, Mauritz; Herholdt, Johan
  • 2002

What You Must Know About Corporate Governance

Wixley, Tom; Everingham, Geoff
  • 2002

Entrepreneurship: A South African Perspective

Nieman, Gideon (Ed); Hough, Johan (Ed); Nieuwenhuizen, Cecile (Ed)
  • 2003

Managing Projects

Churchose, Chris; Churchose, Jane
  • 1999

Strategy in a Week

Norton, Bob; Irving, Ray
  • 1999

Project Management JumpStart

Heldman, Kim
  • 2003

Budgeting for Managers

Kemp, Sid; Dunbar; Eric
  • 2003


Lawson, Ian
  • 2003

Making Sense of Strategy

Manning, Tony
  • 2001

Strategic Planning: A Guide for Higher Education Institutions

Hayward, Fred M; Ncayiyana, Daniel J
  • 2003
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