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African Perspectives on Adult Learning

Gboku, Mathew & Lekoko, Rebecca Nthogo
  • 2007

African Perspectives on Adult Learning

Indabawa, Sabo & Mpofu, Stanley
  • 2006

African Perspectives on Adult Learning

Nafukho, Fredrick; Amutabi, Maurice& Otunga, Ruth
  • 2005

World Social Science Report 2010

International Social Science Council
  • 2010

The CSI Handbook

Ralph Hammon, Stu Woolman, Courtenay Sprague
  • 2009

War Games

Linda Polman
  • 2010

We Can't Afford Not To

Jonny Wilkinson, Takalani Madzhadzhi, Adrienne Pon
  • 2011

Focus on First-Year Success: perspectives emerging from South Africa and beyond

Leibowitz, B. Van der Merwe, A. and Van Schalkwyk, S.
  • 2012

Changing Spaces: Writing Centres and Higher Education

Arlene Archer and Rose Richards
  • 2012

Student Representative Councils: A guide to Developing a Constitution

Tabane, O. Bonakele, T. Mxenge, T. and Thabakgale, S.
  • 2003

A Guide to Student Services

Martin Mandew
  • 2003

University and Technikon Councils: A Guide to Meeting Procedures

Centre for Transformation and Higher Education
  • 2003

Leadership and Institutional Change in Higher Education

Cloete, N, Kulati, T. and Phala, M.
  • 2000

Diversity and Unity: The Role of Higher Education in Building Democracy

Cross, M. Cloete, N. Beckham, E. Harper, A. Indiresan, J. and Musil, C.
  • 1999

Knowledge, Identity and Curriculum Transformation

Cloete, N. Muller, J. Makgoba, W, M. and Ekong, D.
  • 1997

Transformation in Higher Education: Global Pressures and Local Realities in South Africa

Cloete, N. Fehnel, R. Maassen, P. Moja, T. Perold, and Gibbon, T.
  • 2002

GATS and Higher Education in SADC

Pillay, P. Maassen, P. and Cloete, N
  • 2003
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