Items tagged with DEVELOPMENT

State of the Nation, South Africa, 2003-2004

Daniel, John (Ed); Habib, Adam (Ed); Southall, Roger (Ed)
  • 2003

Colloquium on the Prevention of Child Victimisation

Open Society Foundation of South Africa
  • 2002

Diasporas, Remittances and Africa South of Sahara

Perouse de Montclos, Marc- Antonie
  • 2005

State of the Nation, South Africa, 2004 - 2005

Daniel, John; Southall, Roger and Lutchman, Jessica (Eds)
  • 2005

Voices from Below

Davids, Ismail
  • 2005

Carbon Trading

Lohmann, Larry (Ed and author)
  • 2006

What Next

Hallstrom, Niclas, Nordberg, Olle and Osterbergh, Robert (Eds)
  • 2006

Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook

Stroman, James; Wilson, Kevin; Wauson, Jennifer
  • 2008

e-Development toward the Knowledge Economy

Carayannis, Elias G.; Sipp, Caroline M.
  • 2006

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in Development Organisations

de Coninck, John; Chaturvedi, Khilesh; Haagsma, Ben; Griffioen, Hans; Van Der Glas, Mariecke
  • 2008
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