What Next
Hallstrom, Niclas, Nordberg, Olle and Osterbergh, Robert (Eds)


The world at the beginning of the 21st century is deeply contradictory. There is among many an increasing disaffection with the stage of humanity and a growing concern about the unprecedented damage being done to Planet Earth. At the same time, there are numerous examples, at different levels of society, of action for positive change. In order to analyse the present situation and what we may be facing in the future, and to propose bold innovative alternatives to the predominant development trajectory, the Dag Hammarskj╠Žld Foundation has initiated the What Next project. Carried out in close collaboration with scholars, activists and policy makers around the world, What Next aims to take stock of major social and political trends, identify and analyse emergent global challenges and explore strategies for social change.


  • Publisher: Dag Hammarskjold Foundation
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Publication Place: Sweden
  • Shelfmark: DEV07.5.3