Viable Business Strategies: A Systemic, People-Centric Approach
Ungerer, Marius; Pretorius, Mauritz; Herholdt, Johan


Provides break-through processes and ideas for developing and implementing strategy. It is a must-have for increasing the thinking capacity and collective intelligence of strategy makers. By introducing systems thinking to strategic frameworks, strategy becomes a continuous, dynamic, learning conversation that involves the complex interplay of all the strategic variables in a business. This pioneering book offers a brilliant design of the people side of the strategic process, ways to identify 'engines for growth', how to anticipate the hidden forces that will inevitably constrain growth, a strategy map-approach to translate developed strategy into a visible and descriptive framework, ten different approaches to market space creation in order to enlarge the competitive landscape, practical tools, concepts and skills as well a sthe theory and philosophy of strategy.


  • Publisher: Knowres Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Publication Place: Randburg, South Africa
  • Shelfmark: SP03.4.13