Making a Difference in Africa: Advice from Experienced Grantmakers
Buchanan, Rob and Booker, Jayne


Recent developments in Africa point to opportunities to support important fundamental changes that are occurring there. Today, there are more democratic and civilian governments in Africa than at any time in the last century. Civil society and community organizations are taking advantage of the Internet to share problems and seek solutions. There are many opportunities for US Foundations and corporate grantmakers to support institutions both within and outside of Africa that play a role in the continent's positive developments. While acknowledging the challenges, this book, based on interviews with 50 foundation and corporate officers from 33 foundations, seeks to present a more balanced picture of Africa by highlighting the many opportunities for grantmakers to become involved in the continent in effective and rewarding ways.


  • Publisher: Council on Foundations
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Publication Place: New York, USA
  • Shelfmark: GM07.8.1