Flavor of the Month
Best, Joel


In this pithy, intriguing, and often humorous book, Joel Best " author of the acclaimed Damned Lies and Statistics " explores the range of institutional fads, analyzes the features of our culture that foster them, and identifies the major stages of the fad cycle: emerging, surging and purging. Deconstructing the ways that this system plays into our notions of reinvention, progress, and perfectibility, Flavor of the Month examines the causes and consequences of fads and suggest ways of fad-proofing our institutions. Flavor of the Month examines:•The origins of fads: how they're created and launched•Why some ideas attract attention, while others fail to catch on•Why people jump on the band wagon


  • Publisher: University of California Press
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Publication Place: California, USA
  • Shelfmark: MAC10.1.5