Connectedness: Inter and Intra Characteristics and Dynamics of Philanthropy in South Africa
Copley, Bruce; Bown, Ann; Grenfell, Vivian; Cuthbert, David


The study is based on a consultative process over a four year period comprising individuals who have demonstrated a high level of dedicated service either in a voluntary capacity or through the donation of gifts and resources to communities in South Africa in order to promote the well-being of humankind through the spirit of ubuntu and philanthropy. This study acknowledges the often overlooked and greatly underappreciated Indigenous Philanthropic work that is taking place in South Africa every single day to alleviate the pain and suffering of fellow citizens. The purpose of the study is to produce a document that will bring all the old and new knowledge into one place, a document that will identify commonalities between indigenous philanthropists and to explore the dynamics of philanthropy, service and altruism in modern day South Africa.


  • Publisher: Giving and Sharing Foundation
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Publication Place: Sandton, South Africa
  • Shelfmark: GM09.8.19