Capacity Building for NGOs
James, Rick and Hailey, John


This book explores both the theory and practice of capacity building. It is for anyone interested in capacity building with NGOs and other civil society organizations. It demystifies some of the conceptual confusion, provides an overview of trends, and highlights elements of good practice. But it also addresses the difficult issue of why, despite all our knowledge and experience, capacity building interventions commonly fail to meet expectations. It outlines ways forward. This book is about what works in practice and how best to ensure our investment in capacity building is timely, appropriate and successful. Despite the constraints, there are strategies and actions that do work " provided we have the right attitudes. Ultimately we need to have humility, justice, determination and hope to make capacity building work.


  • Publisher: INTRAC
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Publication Place: United Kingdom
  • Shelfmark: NPO08.3.2