Victoria Nel

Chairperson of the Zip Zap Circus School, Victoria Nel is the recipient of the 2013 Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in Youth Development.   

Victoria is someone who has ‘given back’ – with interest. In her tireless work for the Zip Zap Circus in Cape Town, she’s known as the godmother. Her generosity and commitment are legendary. Victoria is someone who uses her resources to generate resources for others. Her passion inspires and helps develop trust and respect amongst young people.  

The Zip Zap Circus School uses circus arts as way of developing young people who are at risk by giving them access to opportunities and skills which will help them grow into young leaders, good citizens, valuable employees and ambassadors for South Africa. 

Victoria has committed both time and money to help with the building of a permanent circus dome, which houses the entire school, offices and training venue. Her personal contributions and networks have enabled young people to travel to Spain and Paris to perform. Victoria has also donated prizes to Zip Zap auctions to help raise funds for the school. She has given money to ensure that the school can run a beginner’s programme and she has paid for a promotional DVD for the school. Above all, Victoria has given her time, insight and experience to help change the lives of young people for the better.