The Yach family

In 1938, her late father Morris Mauerberger established the Mauerberger Foundation Fund, which her late husband Solm Yach went on to lead. Estelle Yach chaired the Foundation for over twenty years; after recently passing over its reins to her daughter Dianna Yach, she was appointed its Honorary Life President.

Alongside her devotion to the Hebrew University, Estelle Yach is a generous supporter of community and cultural projects in South Africa and Israel, many of which seek to empower women and members of disadvantaged communities.
enerous South African organisation with headquarters in Cape Town.
Recently Dianna Yach, Chairperson of the Mauerberger Foundation, visited BGU to meet with the recipients of the Mauerberger Foundation Scholarships. Dianna, and her mother, Estelle Yach, take the Mauerberger Scholarships beyond just a monetary donation – they get to know their students personally, engaging with them and listening to each individual’s story. Dianna’s annual visit ensures that the Mauerberger Foundation’s mission to empower these women is achieved: through education they are able to empower their own communities. During her visits, Dianna gives the students words of encouragement; she reminds them that women have the power to change the world. In this mission, the Mauerberger Foundation has found a perfect partnership with BGU President, Prof. Rivka Carmi, who is herself the co-founder of an NGO that promotes education for Bedouin women.
Through the Mauerberger Foundation, Estelle has expressed her deep commitment to Israel and the museum through a wide variety of projects. These include sponsorship of the 1994 Sinai Archaeological Expedition, funding for handicapped access facilities at the museum, and sponsorship of the popular and successful Summer Events Programme.
She has also travelled every year to the museum’s International Council conference in Jerusalem. “Over the years, the Israel Museum has become one of the foremost global institutions of its kind, a recognised centre of excellence for art and antiquities.
Professor Mazwi-Tanga paid particular tribute to Mrs Estelle Yach, the Chairperson of The Mauerberger Foundation. Mrs Yach has been a visionary and long-standing benefactor to CPUT. For more than twenty years the Foundation has supported many deserving students through its bursary programme which has to date contributed over R2 million to CPUT.
""In establishing this new scholarship programme at CPUT, Mrs Yach and The Mauerberger Foundation Trustees are not only rewarding outstanding student achievement but also creating invaluable benefit to the university as we strengthen and grow our research programme at the postgraduate level,"" Professor Mazwi-Tanga said.