Peter John Farrant

Farmer and doctor Peter John Farrant received the 2012 Inyathelo Award for Lifetime Philanthropy for his contribution to secondary education and the prevention and treatment of HIV.


Peter founded the Meetsetshehla Secondary School on his farm in 1987 after the then-Apartheid government refused to build a high school on state land for the children of black farmworkers in the Vaalwater area in Limpopo Province. Peter later donated the school to the Northern Education Trust and arranged funding for the building of seven additional classrooms, a hospitality centre, a mechanical and technology centre and an admin block. Meetsetshehla (meaning Vaalwater in the local Sepedi language) is now widely recognised as one of the best performing schools in the province with an annual Grade 12 pass rate well above the national average. Many of the pupils are now successful professionals. 

As a paediatrician, Peter has also played a pioneering role in the social wellbeing of the community. He has done remarkable work for the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS through the Waterberg Welfare Society. Peter still manages the Outpatient Wellness Clinic for 600 patients, the Respite and Hospice Care for severely ill patients with HIV as well as the Orphan and Vulnerable Care programme which looks after 100 orphans and families.