Norton Tennille

Norton Tennille established the South African Education and Environmental Project (SAEP), a project that started as an environmental education project and has now grown to include, among other focus areas, career counselling, Saturday classes for matric learners, and a range of extra-mural learning activities for high school learners.  He was awarded the 2008 Inyathelo Award for Exceptional Philanthropy.

An environment lawyer originally from the USA, Mr Tennille settled in South Africa after seeing the possibilities for combining environmental education, skills development, and sustainable development. 

Tennille has led the way as the organisation developed its current three distinct and innovative programmes:

  • The early childhood development programme 
  • SAEP’s high school programme
  • The gap year internship programme   

Apart from contributing a significant portion of the organisation’s funding, he has also through his tireless fundraising managed to generate a further R2.9 million for SAEP and its various projects.