Marwa El Daly

Marwa El Daly, the founder and Chairperson of the Maadi Community Foundation in Egypt, received the 2012 African Grantmakers Network African Philanthropy Award.


The Maadi Community Foundation is the first of its kind in Egypt, and has had a significant impact on philanthropic and development practice in the entire Arab region. Its community based approach to development is very much in line with the African Grantmakers Network’s vision of philanthropy, and translates the southern African concept of Ubuntu into philanthropic practice in North Africa, adding a new dimension to traditional models of charity and social giving.

Marwa uses the Maadi Community Foundation art program to bridge community divides, bringing youth from wealthy and poor communities together. The Foundation creates spaces for youth to begin mobilising other youth in philanthropic activity. Post revolution, her organisation is playing an important role around public accountability, and was also asked to act as an election observer. Marwa is fostering efforts to change the strong culture of local giving from one that addresses immediate crises to one that is more transformational and long term.