Jeffrey van Rooyen

Founder of the Riverlea Development Trust and the SA Music Choir Trust, Jeffrey van Rooyen is the recipient of the 2013 Inyathelo Award for Excellence in Philanthropy. 


Jeffrey is a notable philanthropist who has made sustained contributions over many years to numerous different community projects in the Riverlea and Bosmont areas in Gauteng. As a leading businessman in the area, he has also used his extensive networks to facilitate donations from others.  

Jeffrey has improved the lives of many, including unemployed women in the area through job creation initiatives such as his sewing project where he even assists with the marketing of the products. He has also supported the provision of health services to impoverished communities in Riverlea and Bosmont, setting up optometry and podiatry clinics in partnership with the University of Johannesburg.  

Jeffrey was also determined to provide youngsters in the area with an alternative to the endemic culture of drugs, alcohol abuse and gangsterism, so he set up an education trust to provide learners with books and life skills. 

Jeffery supports local choirs by sponsoring festivals and helping members take part in regional and national competitions. He is also responsible for establishing the Riverlea Ext Athletic Club and even sponsored a township marathon to encourage people in his local community to get involved and lead healthy lives.