Gerald and Jacqueline Fox

Siblings Gerald and Jacqueline Fox received the 2012 Inyathelo Award for International Philanthropy to South Africa.


Gerald and Jacqueline’s involvement in improving the homes and lives of hundreds of families living in South Africa’s informal settlements came about quite by chance. Gerald was filming a documentary in Khayelitsha outside Cape Town when a crèche caught fire next door to where he was staying. Despite efforts to put out the blaze, the crèche burnt to the ground within minutes. Gerald promised the distraught crèche owner that he would help her rebuild the shelter for small children.  

Using funds from their family foundation, Gerald and Jacqueline started supporting and developing the pioneer work being done by Ikhayalami, a non-profit organisation that constructs emergency, fire-resistant shelters in South Africa’s informal settlements. With the backing of the Percy Fox Foundation, Ikhayalami has been able to build over 70 crèches and improved the living conditions of hundreds of families by building fire-retardant walls and reconfiguring the layout of shelters and access roads to help prevent future fires and floods. Gerald and Jacqueline have also been instrumental in building the Siyabonga Drop-in Centre for over 600 orphans and vulnerable children in Orange Farm, Johannesburg.