Dudu Myeni

“I cannot close my eyes when I see the poverty, the illiteracy and the suffering. . . I believe it is possible to change the world, one person at a time.”  Dudu Myeni received the 2007 Inyathelo Award for Women in Philanthropy.

Ms Dudu Myeni, well-known Richards Bay business personality, is known for her “quiet” philanthropy.  Originally a teacher, Dudu’s philanthropic giving started in the 80’s when she started bringing her children’s second-hand clothes and shoes to school to give to the poorer children in her class.  To date Dudu has achieved remarkable things in both her personal giving and her encouragement of others (including corporates) to give.  

She has implemented far-reaching programmes and partnerships that have seen the formation of 60 co-ops, and has encouraged corporate involvement and support for education and training initiatives in the Richards Bay community.  Dudu has also established the Skills Fountain, an NPO that raised corporate and government funding to implement ABET programmes in the area.  In addition, she initiated the Youth Enterprise Development project, where she personally trained 130 students in a one-year business and social skills bridging programme. 

Previously awarded and recognized for her role in social development, Ms Myeni has been, and continues to be, involved in many boards and governing bodies. Says Meyeni, “A philanthropist is a person who shares wealth and heart, time and skills with those who really need human development.”