Dr Gcwalisile Kabanyane

Royal Zulu princess and founder of the charitable Qolothani Makhosiazi Social and Cultural Services, Dr Gcwalisile Kabanyane has been awarded the 2011 Inyathelo Award for Community Philanthropy.  

Established two years ago in the impoverished Mbekweni township in Paarl, Gcwalisile’s organisation has made a meaningful difference to the lives of many poor and vulnerable people. Her projects include the building of a community kitchen where those in need can get a nutritious meal and listen to talks about health issues affecting their lives.

Gcwalisile made a personal donation of R300,000.00 to set up the kitchen and continues to pay the monthly salaries of the four women who run it. She also provides meals for children attending the local Sunday school and supports many of the child-headed families in the community by paying for their groceries and school uniforms.  Gcwalisile works closely with some of the schools in the area to produce vegetable gardens. 

Each year, Gcwalisile organises a ‘girls and mothers’ conference which aims to promote leadership and financial management skills as well as the living of a healthy lifestyle. She also supports skills development workshops which teach local women beadwork and then markets their creations locally and internationally.

Not only does Gcwalisile raise all her own funds for her charity through events like the ‘Crossing the Barriers Fun Walk’  but she uses her own transport to deliver wheelchairs and food to the families she supports in Mbekweni. The profit that she make from publications in her printing business are used to support her projects.