Braam Hanekom

Braam Hanekom has been instrumental in helping refugees in Cape Town (particularly Zimbabwean) with their residency documentation, with integration into local communities as well as to assist with employment. Hanekom received the 2008 Inyathelo Youth in Philanthropy.

Braam Hanekom is the young, energetic, passionate founder of PASSOP (People against Suffering, Suppression, Oppression and Poverty), an organisation dedicated to aiding and protecting the human rights of both documented and undocumented refugees in South Africa.

Hanekom describes PASSOP as a “refugee activist advocacy organisation, providing not only humanitarian assistance to immigrant and refugee communities for immediate relief and support, but also engaging in advocacy work around policy in this area at the national and provincial levels to ensure that immigrant and refugee populations are afforded basic human rights (particularly with regard to documentation and registration)

PASSOP has worked with organisations such as UCT Law Clinic and the Legal Resource Centre to produce reports on the desperate plight of immigrants in South Africa. Through his dedication and commitment to this cause he sold his small business and used the proceeds to fund PASSOPs work.