Amanda Bloch

“Just give.”  

Amanda Bloch became involved with raising money for the Children’s Hospital Trust while her infant son was treated at Red Cross Hospital after suffering total kidney failure.  Amanda was deeply moved by the work of doctors and nurses, in spite of outdated equipment, lack of space and poor facilities. She received the 2007 Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in Health.

Amanda was inspired to take on the challenge of raising funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust and contributed substantial personal funds to leverage an amount of R1.63 million from her network of family and friends.  This was just the beginning.

Amanda then single-handedly pioneered SA’s premier art-auction benefit, raising R1.32 million in 2003 for the Children’s Hospital Trust, R2.2million in 2004, R2.45m in 2005 and R3.4million in 2006.  With further contributions of personal funds, Amanda’s involvement in The Children’s Hospital Trust has now quantifiably raised over R21million for the Children’s Hospital Trust.

Not only has Amanda contributed personally, but her initiative and enthusiasm has inspired others to give.  Amanda Bloch exemplifies leadership and excellence in individual philanthropy.