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Media statement by Inyathelo – The South African Institute for Advancement, Social Change Assistance Trust (SCAT), Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) and Rural Education Access Programme (REAP)


Survey on the National Lotteries to begin


Research into the funding practices of the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) and the National Development Agency (NDA) will take another step forward this month when a questionnaire is distributed to non-profit and community-based organisations.

The questionnaire will be sent to organisations that have applied for funding to the NDA and the NLDTF and have either received funding or have had their applications rejected. The questionnaire will also target those organisations that have not applied for funding from these two agencies.

The research project, which analyses funding practices in South Africa commencing with the NLDTF and the NDA, was announced in August last year by four civil society organisations: the Social Change Assistance Trust, Community Development Resource Association, Inyathelo – The South African Institute for Advancement, and Rural Education Access Programme.

The intention of the questionnaire is to extract information related to the experiences of civil society organisations, including:

  • Their experiences in applying for funding;

  • The time it takes to receive funds;

  • The rejection of applications; and

  • The appeals process associated with the two funding agencies

The questionnaire will also look at the impact of these processes on organisations, as well as the accessibility of funding from the NLDTF and NDA to civil society organisations.

The objective is to reach at least 3,000 civil society organisations through various national and provincial networks. The research team, from the Advocacy Research and Training Consultancy, is expecting feedback from at least 1,500 civil society organisations nationally.

In a statement today, the four organisations responsible for the research said its purpose was to assist in improving relationships between civil society organisations and the NLDTF and NDA, “so that improved relationships are based on principles of mutual accountability, ethics, sound governance and effective and efficient practices.”

The organisations added that the intention of the research was to build mutual understanding and collaboration, mutual learning towards continuously improving practice, and ultimately better service delivery to the beneficiaries of the two agencies.

“The research is therefore aimed at providing substantive information and knowledge that can be used by the National Lotteries and NDA to assist in identifying areas for improvement in its delivery. It is also aimed at documenting civil society’s experiences with the two funding agencies so as to assist in articulating their concerns with the two funding agencies through constructive engagement.”

It is intended that the research, which will also include a sample of in-depth interviews and focus groups, will prove valuable in assisting civil society organisations when they engage with the two funding agencies.