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Inyathelo provides lessons in proposal writing for long-term sustainability

Participants in an Inyathelo proposal writing workshop for higher education institutions included (left to right) Natasha Budhram, Senior Development Officer: Advancement, University of Johannesburg;  facilitator Ninette Mouton (standing) Research Grants

Many non-profit and  non-government organisations (NPOs and NGOs) and higher education institutions are in urgent need of financial support  – making the importance of writing excellent funding proposals  more vital than ever.  


Can nonprofits really be expected to be 'sustainable'?

Can nonprofits really be expected to be 'sustainable'?

Many funders and business people seem to believe that if nonprofits just try hard enough, they will be self-sufficient and “sustainable.” If they’re not, they shouldn’t be supported. Is sustainability in fact a reasonable goal for nonprofits? Can it ever be more than a requisite paragraph or two we are forced to include in our funding proposals?