CAFSA responds to "NGO crisis" article in NGO Pulse

Recently CAF Southern Africa responded to what was termed, ‘generalised and negative’ statements made by MACS Media on behalf of the Orion Organisation and the Cape Town Society for the Blind regarding the NGO sector in South Africa. 

CAFSA responds to

The response By Colleen du Toit, chief executive officer at CAF Southern Africa, read in part

"The MACS Media-derived article includes generalised statements on the ethics, credibility and management effectiveness of the NGO sector, asserting that organisations are corrupt, have ‘no vision’, and have ‘weak production’ and ‘quality control’. This catalogue of purported failings ends with recommendations for NGOs to be ‘more commercialised’ and become ‘more profitable’. Again these assertions are made in a completely undifferentiated way, so that a reader unfamiliar with the achievements of the sector would perceive that every NGO in South Africa is corrupt, ineffective and make no effort to develop alternative income streams. This one-dimensional perspective is not only damaging but also incorrect." 

Read the entire article in NGO Pulse.