In Memory of James McGregor, a True Philanthropist.

Cape Town philanthropist James McGregor of Kenilworth passed away recently at the age of 69. For his tireless work over many years to uplift the Westlake community in Cape Town, James McGregor is the recipient of the 2013 Inyathelo Award for Lifetime Philanthropy.

James committed his life to community development and helping vulnerable people. His philanthropic endeavours are too numerous to mention but his greatest achievement is probably his work for the Westlake United Church Trust. James helped set up the Trust in 2002 and it now employs over forty full-time staff who work to alleviate the poverty, ill health, unemployment and other social and economic difficulties experienced by the more than 8000 residents who live in the Westlake Village area.  

The Trust runs a number of educational, skills development and capacity building programmes to help local residents improve their quality of life and work towards becoming a self-sustaining, thriving community. It also facilitates access to low cost government housing.





Read the obituary, "McGregor dedicated his life to community" on the Cape Times website.