FundingFinder's Snapshot of the Donor Landscape in South Africa

Inyathelo’s FundingFinder Donor Database is an online prospecting tool that provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on donors who may be willing to support the work you do. 

FundingFinder's Snapshot of the Donor Landscape in South Africa

FundingFinder contains information on over one thousand donors who fund civil society in South Africa. As such, it is an obvious resource and research tool for NPO practitioners looking to fund their projects. Less obvious perhaps, is that the actual data collected for this directory offers invaluable insights into the donor landscape of South Africa.

56% of FundingFinder donors are corporates. International foundations (12%) local foundations (6%), and trusts (11%) are distant runners-up. Surprisingly, international foundations and aid agencies comprise less than a one-fifth of the total listings. 


The likelihood of attracting the attention of a funder also depends on an organisation’s core activities.  Of FundingFinder’s 1000+ listings, nearly half support educational endeavors, with capacity training a strong second at over 30%. 









The chart above displays the five most supported activities, and the number of potential donors these activities attract.  

You can also search FundingFinder according to which sectors a donor supports. It has 51 sectors and over a hundred sub-sectors.

The six sectors which contain the most potential donors are:

Each province receives support from the grant-making community. On FundingFinder, the Western Cape tops the list with 908 donors.



What does this information mean for your organisation? While we can’t speak for the funders themselves, the data would suggest that including educational or capacity building components into a project would allow you to cast a wider net. The point is, FundingFinder will not only help you locate possible donors, but it will also help you shape your project based on current trends and needs.


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