CAF produces Guide to Savvy Giving Infographic

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) devised a simple decision tree to guide donors into making charitable contributions in a way that best suits them.


CAF produces Guide to Savvy Giving Infographic

The CAF infographic asks users a series of questions to determine what type of contribution is best suited for one’s finances and situation—payroll, legacy, one-off, volunteering, etc.  It’s straightforward prose and clear illustrations are simple to understand without being simplistic.

The chart is meant to be a visual accompaniment for the CAF online giving portal.  But its lessons are generalisable to Development Officers from all walks of civil society. Giving needs to be easy, and it has to suit the giver.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the righteousness of our own causes, that we forget donors not only need to be convinced why they should give, but must also be shown how. This will help guide your staffers and donors through that process.