ASK Inyathelo podcasts available for free download

The ASK Inyathelo web portal offers numerous resources on Advancement specifically for South African non profits. Its collection of podcasts looks at ways to activate different aspects of Advancement to garner support, and offers suggestions on how organisations can better position themselves to become more sustainable.

These podcasts are available free on the ASK Inythelo website!

ASK Inyathelo podcasts available for free download


Prospecting: whose job is it anyway?

Does everyone in the organisation do prospect research? This podcast will help you decide who ought to be doing the prospect research in your organisation.

Who are your prospects?

Learn what to look out for when identifying key supporters for your work! Once you’ve identified your prospects, cultivating those relationships becomes key to taking the next step in your cycle of fundraising.

So, what is prospect research?

We expand on prospecting not just for donor funding, but for crucial relationships and support you’re wanting to build.

How can we use our Case for Support?

Your case for support is a useful tool that outlines your organisation’s reason for existence, helps craft your organisation’s key messages and develop proposals, and is central to soliciting funds. 

Demystifying the language of Advancement

We unpack the meanings of the terms used in the Fundraising Cycle, i.e. the case for support; prospecting; cultivation; solicitation and stewardship.

How do we build capacity?

Here, Inyathelo Programme Co-ordinator, Lizel Shepherd, speaks on the various capacity building initiatives for non-profit organisations. These include the Inyathelo Non-Profit Clinic, resource development and training. This interview was originally part of the Inyathelo / Fine Music Radio Philanthropy Awareness Campaign podcast series.

What exactly are we advancing? A short interview with Nazli Abrahams

Inyathelo’s Programme Director talks about Advancement and how it can be creatively implemented to mobilise resources and raise support. She weaves in her experiences that brought her to the work here, and how they informed the roles she’s played at Inyathelo. This podcast is part of the Inyathelo / Fine Music Radio Philanthropy Awareness Campaign podcast series.