ASK INYATHELO: How to build an online following

The ASK Inyathelo web portal is full of useful guides based on the ten elements of Advancement. In the coming weeks we will share their featured resources in this blog and on social media. This week we look at some quick tips on growing your visility and following online.

ASK INYATHELO: How to build an online following

When assessing your online media success, remember that it’s not just about the numbers. Instead of chasing 'likes', focus on building an engaged following. It is more useful to have a hundred 'likes' on Facebook from people who engage with you, than it is to have thousands from people who ignore all your posts. Some quick tips:

*   Have specific goals in mind. You can't measure success if you don't know what you're trying to achieve.

*   Increase your network by building relationships, thereby garnering support for your cause or organisation.

*   Raw numbers, upticks  in web traffic or big stats don’t necessarily signify success – active relationships do.
*   While your posts or pages may be 'viewed' frequently, understand the difference between building numbers vs. building a following.
*   Be creative, be innovative, stay relevant, share your content and engage with your readers.

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