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Advance Newsletter - June 2014

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Energising civil society

"If you want your donors to understand you, you must first understand them."  
Ken Burnett, The Zen of Fundraising
June 2014
Systemic change needed to improve access and success at SA's univerisities

Inyathelo has published a comprehensive new report into the key access and success challenges facing public higher education in South Africa. The report identifies a wide range of academic, institutional and socio-cultural issues which conspire to stifle student achievement. Among the more telling factors were the poor academic literacy of most high school learners, and the tendency of educators and administrators to problematize the student instead of looking at institutional or systemic failures.

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The real value of Corporate Social Investment?
We want to applaud Anglo American Platinum for making public their CSI report as it has sparked some really thoughtful debate over the shortcomings of well-meaning social investment programmes. Amplats invested over R100 million in education initiatives for mining communities but the results of an external impact assessment show that, for a myriad of reasons, this huge investment made little to no positive impact at all. Could it be that these systemic political and economic issues in South Africa are just too big for corporate social investment to solve on their own?
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 What are the key roles and responsibilities in an Advancement operation?
This is the latest offering from the ASK Inyathelo Pocket Guide Series. It is aimed at practitioners from large institutions, such as universities, as well as smaller civil society organisations. The book neatly breaks down the organisational roles and responsibilities in Advancement, explains key Advancement principles, and provides practical tips and tools for both the NPO and Higher Education sectors. It’s available as a free download on the Inyathelo website, along with the guides 'Leadership in Advancement' and 'Budgeting for Sustainability'.

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Are you thinking of using interns?

June marks the start of the “summer intern” season for many American and European university students. South Africa is a highly sought after internship destination for these students, having all the romance and mystique of Africa, and (usually) all the conveniences of home. Is your organisation in a position to benefit from this influx of volunteers from across the waters? Everyone likes the idea of having interns to lighten their load, but managing interns and volunteers can be a mixed bag.
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REGISTER NOW!|Inyathelo's Advancement Academy for universities and NPOs
Under pressure to bring in the funding? Not sure where to turn? If you are involved in fundraising for your entity, then Inyathelo's 2014 Advancement Academy will provide you with what you need to build the capacity, skills and knowledge to attract donor support. International and local experts will be there to share their grantseeking and grantmaking knowledge “from the edge”, including Dugan Fraser from The RAITH Foundation, South Africa; Professor Victor Dugga from the Federal University Lafia, Nigeria; and Gustavo Rotondaro from the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, USA.

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INVITE | "Get Resourceful" on External Relationships

Please join us for our monthly get-together in the Inyathelo Resource Centre in Cape Town where we share resources, experience and expertise on the Ten Elements of Advancement. If you can't make it, you can join us online via our live twitter feed. Our next 'Get Resourceful' session on Tuesday 15 July focuses on how to build and strengthen external relationships that help ensure your organisation’s sustainability. There is no charge to attend these sessions but you need to reserve a seat as we have limited space available!

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AWARDS | Nominations close on 30 June 2014!

You have less than two weeks to nominate your philanthropy hero for the 2014 annual Inyathelo Philanthropy Awards. The nominations process culminates in a prestigious gala Awards event to be held in Cape Town on 6 November 2014. The Awards were initiated by Inyathelo to acknowledge, celebrate and honour those whose personal giving has contributed towards sustainable social change in our country. Anyone can nominate their philanthropy hero by filling in a simple online nomination form or by contacting Inyathelo on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Celebrating 20 years of civil society in a free South Africa

Inyathelo has just published its 2013-2014 Annual Report which is available for download on our website. Looking back over twenty years of democracy, there have been major shifts in the role civil society has played and is now playing. What is clear is that as we move into the third decade of our democracy, civil society needs to reclaim its space and entrench those values that contribute to a truly free and fair society characterised by a respect of human rights, inclusivity, consultation, transparency and accountability. 

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Budgeting conversations to have with your donor

There are a couple of new articles on the ASK Inyathelo web portal including this one about preparing budgets. We all know that a budget can make or break a proposal. A proportion of core or indirect costs of an organisation need to be included in the project budget. Bearing this in mind, there are certain line items that are included in budgets that donors are happy to see, while other line items will likely cause discomfort.

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Pin it!
Inyathelo now has 15 different Pinterest boards as part of our efforts to share useful resources, tips and tools with other non-profits, universities and philanthropists. We have boards on Crowdfunding; Governance resources for Non-profits; Inspiring South African philanthropists; South African NGOs and Social Media; and a Bookshelf for Non-profits which has pins of all the best books available for people working in the sector. All you have to do is join Pinterest .. it only takes a second or two!

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